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Commercial Complexes

Hyderabad, once the realm of THE NIZAM with historic monuments is now a well developed modern metropolis and the CYBER CAPITAL OF India. Bustling with business activity, HYDERABAD is known as a happening city with the set-up of reputed international institutions and software companies which have brought about development frenzy. Flyovers, shopping arcades and commercial complexes are springing up all around. Hyderabad a tourist’s paradise is endowed with good weather conditions, clean and green environment and an excellent climate for business growth.

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is constituted under the provisions of the A.P. Urban Areas (Development) Act 1975 with a power to acquire hold and dispose of property by way of sale exchange or lease for orderly development of the area and HMDA has constructed (6) full fledged commercial complexes in the city.