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Use Concessional passes on ORR
1) Daily Pass - 1 1/2 times of single journey
2) Monthly Pass - 50 times of single journey

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Sl No Name of the Bridge Connectivity Length of the Bridge Width of the Bridge Project Cost in Crores Expenditure incurred Completed & Inaugurated
1 Parallel Bridge to Nayapul over River Musi Afzalgunj to Charminar 202.10Mts 12.00 Mts 1.90 2.31 February 1999
2 Bridge across Musi River at Bapughat. to Hyderguda 307.50 Mts 7.50 Mts 6.33 6.33 05-12-2012
3 Road over Bridge at Kukatpally on Spinal Road over the Railway line Spinal road connecting Kukatpally to Hitec city & New Mumbai Highway road NH-9 to Old Bombay road 910.00 Mts 21.5 Mts with four lane divided carriage way 68.68 56.30 Crores 18-05-2013
pvnr express
ROB Kukatpally
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