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               Please note that as per the Refund Policy of HMDA the Processing                                                                                                                                                              Charges are Non Refundable

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Levy of Development charges, processing and other charges for approval of Industrial layouts

1 Development charges for Total Site area____________ sq.mts x Rs.60/-per sq.m G.O.MS.NO. 223 Dt 30/8/2016 MA &UD
2 Processing charges for total site area: Site area(sq.mts) x Rs.10/- per sq.m Proc.NO:2419/P8/Plg/HMDA/2012 Dt:21/03/2012.
3 Publication charges : Rs.5000/- O.O.No:11111/P8/HUDA/97
4 Capitalization charges towards provision of Masterplan facilities(optional) :1) (Total Site Area/Net Site Area * 60%) * 5% =( --------------- sq.yds * 1.5 * _market value per sq.yd)2) or Developable Area * 5%==( --------------- sq.yds * 1.5 * _market value per sq.yd) G.O.MS.NO. 526 MA &UD Dt: 31/07/2008
G.O.MS.NO. 527 MA &UD Dt: 31/07/2008
G.O.MS.NO. 528 MA &UD Dt: 31/07/2008
5 Note 4 :If Not Paid within the stipulated period to levy 10% interest per annum shall be collected : Total fees applicable x 10%/365=-------Rs/-Per day(For delay period) O.O.No:13148/MP2/HMDA/2008 DT: 25/07/2009.
6 Compounding Fee :Up to two Acres : Rs.10,000/-Two Acres to Five Acres: Rs.25,000/-Five Acres to Ten Acres: Rs.50,000/-Ten Acres to Twenty five Acres :Rs.1,00,000/-Twenty Five acres to Fifty Acres: Rs.1,50,000/-Fifty Acres and above : Rs.Rs.2,50,000/- Proc.NO:5886/P8/Plg/H/2005 Dt:21/07/2005 or as per O.R.No: 15 of 2007