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With the exponential growth of Hyderabad Metropolitan Region, transportation issues have assumed critical importance. Traffic congestion and frequent traffic jams have become a common phenomenon in the core areas, and traffic gridlocks on major corridors. The phenomenal growth of cars and the decline in two wheelers have resulted in drastic changes in traffic as well as travel characteristics.

The city’s transportation requirement is now largely met by

  • Bus transport (42%)
  • Rail based Multi Modal Transport System (MMTS) (1.5 %)
  • Three-seater and 7-seater autos (8%)
  • Private vehicles (2 and 4 wheelers) (48.5%)

Multiple agencies like GHMC, HMDA, R&B, NHAI, APSRTC, SETWIN, MMTS and Railways, are involved in supporting and facilitating the traffic and transportation mechanism in Hyderabad

Recent developments like the International Airport, ORR, Radial Roads, PVNR Expressway, MMTS, Hardware Development Park, SEZs and the FAB City are likely to mould a different travel pattern and distribution of the future population in the metropolitan area; and this was not contemplated in earlier Traffic & Transportation Studies. Some of these studies were:

  • Traffic Studies by the REC (currently NIT) Warangal in 1986
  • HATS in 1998
  • DMRC Study for Metrorail in 2003
  • L&T Ramboll Study for MMTS Phase- II in 2003

Also, the area of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region has increased manifold to 6,852 sq. km. Hence, there is need to have a fresh look on traffic & transportation issues.

It was resolved in the 3rd Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) meeting held on 06-06-2009 in the Chambers of the Chief Secretary, vide item 5, to take up a Comprehensive Transportation Study for the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. The objectives of such a study are:

  • To understand the present changed travel demands & characteristics
  • To forecasting future demands & characteristics
  • To work out a comprehensive traffic & transportation plan for the metropolitan area

This will also help in formulating long term development strategies and investment plans for the metropolitan area. Besides, the study will also help in the capacity-building of organizations like HMDA, GHMC, Traffic Police, HMRL, R&B and other relevant transport agencies in the region.

The total estimated cost of the study is Rs. 15.24 crore, out of which Central Financial Assistance is capped at 50% of the total cost, i.e., Rs. 7.62 crore.

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