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Use Concessional passes on ORR
1) Daily Pass - 1 1/2 times of single journey
2) Monthly Pass - 50 times of single journey

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  1. Development of Inner Ring Road
  1. Inner Ring Road, the road has four-lane and is popularly known as IRR. It is having a length of 50 kilometer on City Arterial Road in Hyderabad.
  2. IRR is passes through Masab Tank, Banjara Hills, Punjagutta, Begumpet, Mettuguda, Tarnaka, Habsiguda, Uppal, Nagole, L B Nagar, Santoshnagar Crossroads, Chandrayangutta, Aramghar, Attapur, Rethi Bowli.
  3. The development of an Inner Ring Road is to facilitate quick travel from several areas in the city.
  4. The various intersections from the Inner Ring Road are being connected to the Outer Ring Road via 33 proposed radial roads.
  5. The Right of way of the IRR various from 25m to 45m.
Inner Ring Road
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