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HMDA’s initiative to clean Hussain Sagar:

Our first and foremost objective is to ensure that no untreated water enters the lake and the sewage entering through the four Nalas is prevented.

The sewage and effluents coming from four Nalas have been diverted through Interception & Diversion (I&D) structures to the sewer lines. Capacities of I&D structures are as follows:

S.No Name Location of I&D Design Capacity of New I&Ds in MLD
1 Interception works pick up weir at confluence point of Jeedimetla and Kukatpally 190
2 I&D at Fathenagar 165
3 I&D at Prakash Nagar 44
4 I&D at Picket Nala, Minister Road 186
5 I&D at Necklace Road 100
6 I&D at Divyashakti Apts on Yousufguda Nala 97
7 I&D at Yashoda Hospital on Banjara Nala 38
8 I&D at Balkapur Nala 74
9 I&D at Rangadhamini 20
10 I&D at Bridge No. 2 on Necklace Road (Banjara Nala) 20
11 I&D at Bridge No. 3 on Necklace Road (B.S.Maktha/Kundanbagh) 15
Total 949

Two Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs)

  • 30 MLD at Picket Nala &
  • 20 MLD at Balkapur Nala

have been constructed with the objective that only treated water with permissible limits of Nitrates & Phosphates and other nutrients enter the Lake.

This is resulting slowly in enhanced water quality of the lake

30 MLD STP at Picket Nala 20 MLD STP at Balkapur Nala
I&D at Necklace Road I&D at Prakash Nagar
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