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Click the map to enter The Metropolitan Development Plan-2031


NH-7 Medchal Road:

6.8 km median was developed from Bowenpally Checkpost to Gundlapochampally Railway Bridge on NH-7 Medchal Road with 1016 tall plants such as Alstonia scholaris, Putranjeeva etc and 41673 shrubs Tabernum, Lantana yellow, Golden durantha, Neerium, Acalypha aspera, Gulphimia, Lantana red, Acalypha twisted, Pysonia alba, Hemelia pettons, Acalypha brown, Durantha speiciosa etc..

NH-7 Shamshabad Road:

National Highway Median Plantation is taken up from Aramghar ‘x’ Road to Shamshabad effective length of 8.5 kms . About 1368 avenue plants such as Mimusops elengi (Pogada),Phyllisium etc have been planted and 240769 shrubbery plants such as Golden durantha, Gulphimia, Taburnam, Neerium etc are planted.

These works are being taken up with NHAI funding.