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Urban Forestry Wing was created in HMDA (erstwhile HUDA) in the year 1986 with the objective of bringing open spaces under greenery by raising different types of plantation models like block plantation, avenue plantation, tree parks, colony parks and gardens in order to improve the overall environment of Hyderabad for better quality life.

Click here for the photo gallery of HMDA's Urban Forestry activities.

The prime objectives of the Urban Greening Programme are:

  • Greening the HMDA area to reduce air, noise and water pollution.
  • Conversion of Unproductive lands into greenery to provide gainful employment.
  • Increase the availability of fire wood and fodder to local villagers
  • Income generation for the women groups through Nursery raising activity.

Click here to view HMDA's achievements under Urban Greening from 1994-2009.

The following are the HMDA's Urban Forestry initiatives: